Tech Tools  

Some technology is really useful and can help us without being super time suckers.

Here are some tools to help you with screen time management so you have less distracted time.

Apple Families (IOS) - Find information about the company's family features and parental controls all in one place.

AntiSocial (Android) - Monitoring app that tracks your smartphone use and compares your usage with others.  Parental version lets you take control of another android device. 

Rescue Time (Mac & Windows) Time tracker and website blocker for increased productivity at work.


Moment (IOS) - Tracks how much time you spend on your I-phone and Ipad. Not available on Android yet but coming soon.

Freedom (Mac & Windows) - App and website blocker to help you reclaim focus and productivity.


Siempo (Android) -  Control your phone.  Improve your home screen and have interruptions only when you want them.

Forest - Helps you stay focused and be present during periods of the day when you need uninterrupted work or personal time.

Digi.Me – helps you get control over your data and decide who gets to see what (financial, social, health in 1 place)

Mindful - A website where you can find info on how to stop your mind from wandering with mindfulness and meditation tips.

Calm - An app to help you manage anxiety, lower stress and get better sleep.  Learn mindfulness and meditation techniques.

Common Sense Media - For all things media, relating to kids.  Ratings, reviews, education. This is a one-stop shop for families.


Zift - The Zift app's Family Feed will provide you with real-time updates on your child's screen time activity.

Circle with Disney WiFi Router - Limit daily internet time for platforms, apps, and more. Circle with Disney lets families manage content and time online, on any connected device.

Bark - a parental control phone tracker to help keep kids safer online. Bark monitors social media, text and email on Android and iPhone devices.

OurPact - is a catch-all family locator and screen time management solution that lets parents block or grant access to internet and apps on your child’s device at any time, from anywhere.

Create a Family Media Plan - The American Academy of Pediatrics and Healthy has an online Family Media Plan you can customize for your family.


Center For Humane Technology - Offers a wide range of tips and app suggestions to help you curb your tech dependency.

Yondr -  Offers a pouch system to create phone-free spaces for artists, educators, organizations and individuals.