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Tips for Successful Unplugging 

  • Use an alarm clock instead of your cell phone.

  • Charge cell phone outside of your bedroom (if you aren't ready for this, try using a "Do Not Disturb" mode while placing cell in nightstand drawer first.  It lets important calls come in but blocks the rest for a period of time).

  • Wear an old school analog watch (don't use your cell phone) to check the time.

  • Have screen free meal times (no phones at the table).  Click here for unplugged restaurant ideas.

  • Set your phone to gray scale so it's less inviting. Instructions found here:

  • Make your home screen just a place for essential tools (maps, camera, phone, text) and move all other apps to another screen or in a folder. 

  • Reduce unnecessary apps and trim friend lists.  

  • Try using a “dumb” or flip phone for weekends, trips or unplugged days.  

  • Try snail mail - skip the obligatory social media birthday posts and send a meaningful note or card to people.

  • Take a new unplugged adventure!  Click here for some ideas.


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