Presentations and Consultations

"Iv'e heard many times that too much tech is a problem but it's rare to actually get tips." Presentation attendee and San Diego mom of three

Do you look at your phone and lose complete track of time?

Worried your kids are on technology too much? 

Getting annoyed when your spouse breaks out their phone during a romantic meal? 

Employees spending more time on social media than you'd like? 

Does it seem like everyone is living separate lives on their gadgets and not really connecting?


We hear it all the time.  If this sounds familiar, a presentation may be just what the doctor ordered to help set you and/or your team or group on the right path.  This is not a digital detox, phone tossing talk.  My presentation won't come from a blaming place but will focus on educating attendees on why we have become so drawn to our technology and some options to reduce tech time.  Change is possible!


In this workshop you will:

  • Learn about tech dependency

  • Assess what apps and tech are time-suckers for you

  • Hear how tech leaders handle technology within their own families

  • Discover apps that can help with relaxation, focus and productivity

  • Find out if your technology is actually spying on you

  • Learn my top 10 tips for reducing digital distractions

  • Develop a plan for greater Life-Tech Balance


I am available for presentations or more in depth workshops with your family, group or business.  If you prefer a more private setting, I do consultations in your home and am happy to tailor a program to meet your specific needs.  Contact Claudia at or call 619-248-6532 for more information.

Results from previous attendees:  93% felt the presenter was informative, 90% stated they now know of several techniques they can try to reduce their tech time, 86% said they feel more hopeful about being able to guide their children through the process of making good tech choices.