Where oh where is the Unplugged Village during Covid?

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

I've certainly kept my promise to NOT inundate you with emails. In fact I've done such a good job that you probably wondered if I was hiding out with Rodney Rooster in the chicken coop for 6 months. I'll be honest with you, I've felt like doing that many times. We had such a successful event at the Farmers Market for the National Day of Unplugging and then the next week, we ran into Covid lockdown. As we've all seen, it's pretty hard to promote connection and community IRL when all the recommendations suggest we stay inside and live a lot of our lives virtually. Of course we had no choice given the circumstances. It had to be done for the community. Did this make me depressed? YOU BETCHA. Am I Zoomed out? Yup. Have I given up on unplugging? Not a chance.

Mind you, there have been bright moments with true connection and a refocus of values that I find priceless. My garden is fantastic and a mental life saver. In fact, I've replaced watching the news (ok some news...I'm not a hermit) with gardening, a slightly less stressful activity. I am now a serious recycler and composter and fairly decent cook. I've gotten closer with my husband and kids and they are taking this Covid business in stride. In fact they all seem to have adjusted pretty easily to it. That all sounds great, and I know I've got it better than most, but this Covid business still stresses me out at times. Yoga in the park, watching old shows from the 70s and 80s and taking my nightly bath are relaxation rituals that have become a necessity to keep my sanity in check.

There were some lovely attempts at social distancing connection going on in my own neighborhood in the Spring. Some worked better than others. We had the sidewalk chalk art contest and drive-by parades for birthdays. Kids and parents got pretty creative.

Someone started a trend of pink flamingos that mysteriously appeared in ones yard which signaled that they were "getting flocked". The pink birds were supposed to move from house to house but have mysteriously flown away after just a couple of homes. Where did they go??? Whoever is in charge....just know I'm still waiting to be flocked.

I did an online fort building demo at one point which was kind of fun and now serves as my Zoom room in my office/guest room. If you come visit me, you can guess where you'll be sleeping. I've been told this is staying up forever. We'll see. The mutts love it.