About Unplugged Village 

Feel like technology is sometimes driving your life?  All the cool apps supposed to make our lives simpler sometimes have the opposite effect.  It's hard to resist being connected to our tech as we use it for work....not to mention the fact that there are always amazing shows, social media posts or emails to check!  Tech is designed to be addictive and it's not our imagination that it seems to be taking over our lives at times.  Our good intentions to get out those retro board games or go walking don't always happen.  We start to feel guilty and end the day mentally exhausted.  At the Unplugged Village, we want to help you take charge of your technology and manage digital distractions so you can find greater life-tech balance!

So how much is too much? 

Adults spend over 9 hours a day consuming media (Common Sense Media 2016) and about 1/4 of U.S. adults (39% of those ages 18-29) say they are 'almost constantly' online (Pew survey January 2018).  So how much is too much?  The debate wages on. Various professional groups offer recommendations for limiting screen use (particularly for children) but others feel it's difficult to put a specific number on what is ideal given there are many factors to consider.  In terms of cutting back on tech time, what works for your teenage nephew in Kansas or Aunt in New York may be different than what works for someone from California.  Some people check social media and email only once a day and feel overwhelmed while others are almost continually online and may feel alright with that choice.  Most of us fit somewhere in between.  Many complain of feeling anxious about their own, or the tech use of those around them. They worry how tech is affecting their relationships and mental health. Still others suffer from Tech Neck or Texting Thumb.  Ultimately, if you feel like it's impacting your life, then it may be time for a little change.  There are simple things you can do to curb your screen time. 

This is NOT about getting rid of all of your technology and living a hermit's life.  It's about finding some balance.

Reducing tech time can be easier than you think.  Some people worry that making changes might affect their work or their relationship with others.  Even if you use tech for work there are things you can do to cut back on unwanted tech distractions.  For most people, just trying a couple new techniques a week can make a difference.  When you feel happier and less stressed, others will notice and may even follow your lead.  It's our goal to help YOU find what will work for you and to give you some ideas to help you log off more often.